CAHPS Cast 20: Getting Ready for Emergency Department CAHPS

The Emergency Department CAHPS process is getting closer to becoming a reality, with a survey instrument currently under development and going through some testing. We all know that it will be important to start incorporating the ED-CAHPS survey into your organization once it is available, but what can you do to prepare your hospital for the upcoming process in advance? How can you get your Emergency Department staff in the right “mindset” for receiving CAHPS-related data in the near future?

Alan Jackson, Janette Jones and Valerie Sipe, all with The Jackson Group, gather to discuss the upcoming ED-CAHPS process, what we know at this point, and how organizations can prepare for its inevitable roll-out.

The Jackson Group is a survey and consulting firm specializing in employee engagement surveys, patient satisfaction surveys, market research studies and leadership development. The Jackson Group is an authorized provider for both the Hospital CAHPS and Home Health CAHPS process. Learn more about The Jackson Group at

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