Podcast: Jewelry, Jedis & Mother’s Day

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

Here are time stamps from a few of the topics that Hayes Permar and Jim Young discussed on Monday night:

0:08 – Hayes gives you a run-down of the show topics.

0:58 – Let’s talk jewelry! Specifically, what’s up with those UNC Coastal Division championship rings?

5:28 – Did Duke drop the ball with the Lance Thomas Case? Is it fair to charge the NCAA with giving the Blue Devils favorable treatment?

15:03 – Jim recaps his miserable weekend getting crushed in poker at the Harrah’s casino in Cherokee, N.C.

17:52 – This then morphs into a philosophical discussion of betting on sports events.

23:17 – This then morphs again, into a discussion of why Jim doesn’t bet in sports.

31:45 – We almost went into Mario Williams/engagement ring territory, but figured he’d suffered enough.

33:17 – Ninja Swofford talk! Or should it be Jedi Swofford talk? What about Swofford as Elaine’s therapist?

40:59 – Jim tries to make an ACC/socialism joke and winds up educating Hayes on May Day and organized labor.

41:49 – Who’s pumped for the SPRING BASKEBALL SIGNING PERIOD!!! …. Anyone? … Hello?

44:47 – Where will Andrew Wiggins go? Johnny Crabcakes thinks he knows.

49:43 – Should Jim get his wife Smithfield’s fried chicken for Mother’s Day?

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