Life As An Intern: Kaitlyn’s Farewell

As I sit here on my last day of interning, I look back a couple months ago and think about all the stuff that I’ve learned while I have been here at JGI & The MESH. My final blog will be short and sweet because that’s how I would describe my time interning here. It’s been extremely short, but at the same time, I feel like I’ve been here forever. It’s most certainly been sweet as well because all the 70-cent candy that I ate in Ron’s store.

I’ve learned an abundance amount of important skills that will eventually help me in the real world like: learning to write detailed press releases, how to direct a simple video like the Harlem Shake, and how a podcast network works.

This internship has been an experience that has gradually trained me how to behave and work in the “real” world. Everyone that I’ve encountered with on a daily basis has been super helpful and I thank you for that.

One thing that I will miss most: My comfy office couch.


Over and out


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