Life As An Intern: April 23rd, 2013

Intern work has ratcheted up. For the past week I’ve been working on two exciting yet time consuming video projects. I have been very determined to get the job done in a manner befitting the Jackson Group Interactive title. The process has been hard, and I’ve certainly learned a lot along the way.

The first assignment that was given to me was for Williams-Sonoma. On my second day as an intern, I got to tag along with the group to a Williams-Sonoma factory. There, we shot the building of a piece of furniture. My assignment was to put together a short video on building a couch. My first attempt did not go as well as I would’ve liked. The possibilities for these videos are endless. What I came up with was a little jarring for the audience. But my brilliant bosses helped me see what they thought the video should look like. After a few days of tweaking and some notes, I feel like I finally have a product that is worthy of showing. And a better feel for how videos like these should be made.

My second video was also a challenge. In February, Catawba Valley Community College celebrated Black History Month with a ceremony on its campus. This was shot with two cameras. So I got to get my first crack at multi camera editing. Editing is an art form. Single camera editing, while time consuming, is my backbone in the video/film industry. Multi camera editing is a completely different art form. Choosing which angle to go with, not knowing if someone might walk in front of the camera, or if the camera is going to shift is an interesting and completely different way to edit. It was painfully slow for me at the beginning. I really try to make things as clean as possible. But in a situation like that, clean takes time to find. I had to go back and change angles many many times. But after a lot of trial and error, I finally found a good formula and made my way through the two hour ceremony.

Getting to edit videos like the ones I was assigned is a fantastic challenge. I feel very grateful that the people above me allow me to do work like this. In return for their trust, I try my absolute hardest to try to return with a video that fits in to the professional, and clean videos produced at Jackson Group Interactive.



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