Podcast: Spring Games And Spelling Bees

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken and Bar-B-Q!

Musical selections this week: “It’s My Life” – Talk Talk, “U Can’t Stop Me Now” – RZA

0:50 – Jim talks about how well UNC holds on to its players … did we mention this was recorded on Sunday night, BEFORE Reggie Bullock went pro? … Welp. Enjoy this outdated conversation.
10:28 – What are we going to do about the dreaded ACC Masters drought?
15:15 – Spring games! WHO HAD THE HIGHEST ATTENDANCE!?!?!?
16:18 – Hayes tries a “What if Kentucky joined the ACC?” scenario. Jim doesn’t get it. You won’t either. But just roll with it.
25:49 – Jim explains why he’s pretty bullish on Duke hoops next season.
32:16 – ACC trivia, ACC karaoke … who’s up for the ACC Spelling Bee!?!?!? And can you spell Sarunas ┬áJasikevicius? We can’t.
34:45 – Jim discovers the Wu Tang Clan … two decades after everyone else. Also, he explains his antipathy for Method Man.
39:17 – Is Hayes the next John Tesh?

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