Podcast: Snap Judgment Time!

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q.

Musical selections this week: Junior Walker And The All-Stars (How Sweet It Is) and Miles Davis (Freddie Freeloader).

Here are time stamps from a few of the topics that Hayes Permar and Jim Young discussed on Monday night:

0:25 – Jim can count!!! And imitate Jim Rome!!!

1:28 – Hayes tries to make the case that ACC fans will retroactively claim the 2013 Syracuse and Louisville Final Four squads as their own.

3:36 – Louisville loves the ACC now. Will it last? Or will it be like the med school student who dumped Elaine once he passed the boards.

6:22 – Jim’s cell is BLOWING UP. Also, the ACC’s in a Final Four drought. Will its savior be … Wake Forest?

9:48 – Jim and Hayes pass judgement on the seasons of several ACC teams – thumbs up or thumbs down: Maryland, UNC, N.C. State and Florida State.

23:25 – How do you judge Wake’s season? And once you’re a coach on the hot seat, can you ever get off?

28:44 – N.C. State talk. So what prompted Rodney Purvis to transfer? Should we be surprised? Should State fans be concerned?

36:30 – Jim doesn’t get Justin Timberlake. Hayes tries to help him with this.

40:40 – Jim’s heading down I-85. He needs to know his Smithfield’s options.

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