ACC Podcast: Riddick & Reynolds Edition

It’s time again for the latest Podcast, presented by Smithfield’s Chicken ‘N Bar-B-Q. This one is a special one as Hayes and Jim invaded the turf of another podcast, the N.C. State-centric Riddick & Reynolds podcast.

Musical selections this week: Widespread Panic (Dying Man) and Derek and the Dominos (Layla).

Here are time stamps from a few of the topics that Hayes Permar and Jim Young discussed on Monday night:

0:20 – Special guests James Curle and Austin Johnson, from the R&R podcast, are introduced. Trivial Pursuit trash talk is exchanged.

4:50 – Time for a lengthy N.C. State post-mortem.

16:15 – Were we all just dead wrong about State from the get-go this season?

20:36 – Hayes COMPLETELY talks over Jim … and then steals his question. That question? How much do State fans dislike Duke?

24:20 – State has God – at least the Germanic version – on its side!!

26:27 – Jim reveals that his anti-bracket and the podcast tension begins to rise …

29:20 – ACC in the NCAA storylines – State, UNC, Duke and Miami.

39:50 – #NITFever!! Catch it!!!!

41:11 – No hip-hop talk this week, not when we can talk MUSICAL!!!! PIRATES OF PENZANCE!!!!! WHO’S WITH US!!!?? …. Anyone? … Hello?

44:45 – A very special, very long send-off.

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