New Stuff 12: Wearable Technology

Computers you wear on your clothes or put in your glasses! Cars that can drive themselves! Homes that can monitor their temperature, lights, and movement! And don’t forget all of the great pranks you could play on your neighbors… all thanks to technology! Lee and Alan are joined by Terry and Kristina to discuss the latest in the world of tech. And to cap it off, each of the panelists give their “Pick of the Month” for a great web site, mobile app, or gadget. It’s “New Stuff” for December 2012.

Special Guests:

  • Terry Bledsoe, Chief Information Officer for Catawba County, North Carolina (
  • Kristina E. Smith, Marketing Director at HGI Healthcare (find her on Twitter at @kristinasmedia)

Picks of the Month:

  • Terry: Theodolite – multi-function augmented reality app
  • Kristina: Cashbook – expense and mileage tracking
  • Lee: Spark Devices – light control from the Internet
  • Alan: The new Google Gmail and YouTube iPad apps

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