Be Holistic 9: Holy Kitchen!

Hang on to your taste buds as Be Holistic ventures into the kitchen. Eastern North Carolina foodie Krystal Phillips talks about how easy it is to clean up your cooking. Make sure you eat before you listen to this episode.

Running Time – 26 minutes

1 comment on “Be Holistic 9: Holy Kitchen!

  1. John Womack says:

    Thanks. Enjoyed it. One thing I might mention is that I didn’t hear anything about “leftovers”. I think that is a big deal. My wife and I have been holistic for 20+ years and we are also vegetarians, although we do eat meat occasionally. Usually my wife will cook one day, I may cook the next. The following day will be leftovers from her meal, the next will be from mine. The final day might be a combination of the two. Also the leftovers will also include a new side dish. You might find more on my on-line cook book “Blue Mountain Kitchen: Cooking for Fun, Eating for Joy”.
    It is free because it is eternally incomplete and always under construction. Thanks again.


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