Stepping Up Service: The Politics of Customer Service

With the election in full swing, the latest “Stepping Up Service” podcast focuses on “The Politics of Customer Service.”

Hosts Ed Gagnon, President of Charlotte-based Customer Service Solutions, Inc. ( and MESH Executive Producer Alan Jackson, also with The Jackson Group ( address the lessons learned of corporate politics, and how these internal clashes impact the customer, the culture, and the ultimate success of a company.

“It’s exciting to be part of a podcast that can take the 2012 election and relate the politics of Washington to the politics of any given business,” says Gagnon. “Companies can overcome internal politics, but they have to understand the root causes of infighting to come up with the right solutions.” “This podcast is important in that we address six typical drivers of corporate politics and how to overcome them,” says Jackson. “It’s a quick listen for the audience, full of methods and key tactics to ensure that internal fights don’t limit organizational performance.”

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