Be Holistic 8: Quinoa

“It’s a seed….It’s a grain…It’s, it’s a quinoa. A what? Find out about this funny-named super food on this month’s episode of Be Holistic. Not sure what it is or if you should eat it? All the more reason to listen in. Registered Dietician and self-proclaimed food junkie Laura Brady introduces listeners to the many benefits of eating this food no one seems to remember how to pronounce. Also listen in as Suzanne makes the transition from eating food to composting left overs. It’s all a treat on Be Holistic.”

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  1. Jennifer East says:

    Here is a link to an awesome quinoa recipe that I found in Fitness magazine. I like to use the red quinoa but you could also use the regular kind. We make this at least three or four times a month and sometimes I had chicken or shrimp.

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