Education Matters 8: Education Matters Extreme STEM Tour

This episode of Education Matters brings a round table discussion featuring your hosts Tracy Hall and Lamar Mitchell with guests Dale Mull, president of Flowers Baking Company in Newton, NC; Carol Moore, science curriculum coordinator of Catawba County schools; and Karen Cale, career and technical education director for Catawba County schools. These panelists engage in a discussion involved the recent Education Matters Extreme STEM Tour that took place in Catawba County during the month of March. The tour provided a five-day period that brought 1400 8th grade students and staff behind the scenes of science, technology, engineering and math focused occupations. The mission of this program was to introduce students to a growing sector of the workforce that will provide them greater opportunities than what the may realize. Join the talk on Education Matters as we discuss the affects programs such as the Education Matters Extreme STEM Tour has on young people and their education.

Running Time: 47 min

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