The cleanliness of a patient’s room and how quiet the room is at night are two items covered in the Hospital CAHPS survey, and as it turns out both are important to the patient’s overall satisfaction level.  Alan Jackson, with The Jackson Group, is joined by Janette Jones and Valerie Sipe to discuss the importance of these two items and strategies for helping hospitals improve their scores. 

The Jackson Group ( is a management consulting and satisfaction survey firm located in North Carolina, serving clients across the country with their employee and customer satisfaction survey needs.  The Jackson Group is an approved CAHPS vendor, providing Hospital CAHPS, Home Health CAHPS and Clinician/Group CAHPS survey solutions.

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  1. Glad you folks liked our technique of recording a hopsital's noise signature and then encouraging staff to try to sleep at home for 2 nights while listening to the recordings. Thanks for sharing this with your audience. A shift in behavior to a quiet culture has to start with awareness by staff that the noise they create conflicts with the fundamental purpose of the hospital, patient recovery. This awareness technique is part of our process when hospitals enroll on our Making Hospitals Quiet program. (

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