While the last episode was all about Chris & Alan’s favorite films of 2011, this episode asks them to gaze into their crystal ball and make predictions on this year’s Academy Awards.  With Chris in his designer tuxedo and Alan in his favorite jeans, the boys go through each of the Oscar categories, talk through the nominees, and make their choice on who they think will walk away with a little golden statue in late February.

It’s Oscar prediction time!  Will Chris swear off all movies forever if “Moneyball” sweeps the awards?  Does Alan have his fingers crossed that “Real Steel” creeps into the Best Picture field through some clerical error?  And how do you choose a winner from a list of animated short films when you haven’t seen any of them?  It’s all in the name, of course.  All this, and more, on Footcandle Films.

Running time: 47 minutes

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