Let’s get something straight. We’re all bullies. Some of us are just in the habit of doing it more often. Most people won’t admit they are bullies, but actually victims. It’s true. When you’ve been hurt and unloved, you tend to act that way to others. The way we’re treated often becomes contagious. In this episode, we break down bullying and attempt, as usual, to solve the worlds problems in 40 minutes.

Let’s get real about bullying.

Running time: 46 minutes

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  1. Love your Pod Casts… Keep them coming! We miss you up here in NJ ! Thought i'd let you know I'm a Burlington County SPCA Humane Law enforcement officer! I lived thru bullying my entire life but there's something to be said for those who grow and trust god to get thru things. I'm a living example!

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