In the latest episode of New Stuff, join your host Lee Yount as he welcomes a panel of guests to discuss all things new in the fast-paced world of technology. Mary-Margaret, Alan, Matt, Donnie and Lee tackle the recent, controversial issues of SOPA and lead into discussing the quirks of mobile app developing. Tune in as Lee educates and converses with his tech savvy co-hosts to bring you the latest in developing technology, including information about iTunes University. Find out what’s going on with the Kindle Fire and the iPad, and the trendy, new website Pinterest that’s taking the Internet by storm. All of these things and more will feed your inner techie and it’s all on the newest episode of New Stuff!

Running time: 76 minutes

1 comment on “New Stuff 4: The SOPA, iTunes and Pinterest Episode

  1. Melinda Hefner says:

    Loved this show! The only think I'd like better is if each of the topics were in different podcasts or shows….shorter chunks of information. I wanted to share the discussion about Pinterest with my colleagues, but they will not have time to listen to the entire show or the patience, unfortunately, to find the Pinterest info. Just a thought…

    You all are doing an AWESOME job!!!!!!!

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