Chick Chat dives right in to juicy gossip this month when Mary Margaret invites her friends Valerie and Cameron to the show. The topic of New Years Resolutions starts off the show but along the way we talk about everything from the Zumba craze to Paula Deen’s love of butter and diagnosis of diabetes. We talk about The Bachelorette coming to Charlotte, NC , the Grammy Awards and Beyonce’s new baby, just to name a few. Turn up the volume and get ready to be immersed in girly conversation: you don’t want to miss this packed episode of Chick Chat!

This episode of “Chick Chat” is sponsored by Catawba Valley Medical Center. Visit the Health First Center at Valley Hills Mall for a variety of classes, programs and resources for the entire family’s health needs. To learn more, visit them online at We would like to thank CVMC for their support of The MESH!

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  1. Chick Chat Fan says:

    I LOVE Chick Chat! It's nice to kick back and relax and listen to something fun for a while. I wish there was more than one episode per month!

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