Alan and Chris review the film “Take Shelter”, starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain.  Shannon plays a father and husband haunted by visions of a devastating storm that threatens his family, compeling him to build a storm shelter and question his own sanity.  Imagine a really frightening, depressing version of “Field of Dreams”.  Listen to what the Footcandle guys have to say about “Take Shelter” in this month’s episode.

After the main review, Alan and Chris discuss some upcoming movie news and give their film picks of the month.  Did Chris just say he was not a big fan of Spielberg films?  What movie did Alan deem the “Worst Film of 2008”?  Can Chris pull off a proper English accent? (Answer: No)  All of this and more in this month’s “Footcandle Films”!

Running time: 55 minutes.  Hosts: Chris Frye and Alan Jackson. Original theme music by Chris Tullar (whose was recently interviewed on “I’m With the Band”, found at this link!)

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