“Project Nim” is a documentary about a group of researchers in the 1970s that decided to raise a baby chimpanzee in a human environment and try to teach it how to communicate.  The project didn’t go as planned, thus giving show hosts Alan and Chris a film to discuss on this month’s “Footcandle Films”.  Listen to see what they thought of the follow-up to director James Marsh’s excellent documentary “Man on Wire”.

Chris and Alan also discuss some of the latest film news, including stories about Steven Soderburgh, the Oscars, and film society favorite Rian Johnson.  Then, they provide their “Picks of the Month”, with neither film turning out to be very happy or uplifting.  We’re sorry about that.

Running Time: 51 minutes.  Hosts:  Alan Jackson and Chris Frye. Original theme music by Chris Tullar (whose was recently interviewed on “I’m With the Band”, found at this link!)

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  1. Ellen Ball says:

    The Muppets hosting the Oscars would ROCK!

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