This month’s episode discusses the importance of Social Media in the Customer Service experience.  Show hosts Alan Jackson (The Jackson Group, and Ed Gagnon (Customer Service Solutions, explain why organizations are looking at using Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance or supplement their existing customer service processes.  Along the way, they also discuss some of the challenges and potential pitfalls to watch out for when going this route.

Running time: 56 minutes

The Jackson Group is a management consulting firm specializing in customer and employee satisfaction surveys as well as leadership development.  Learn more about them at

Customer Service Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in customer retention and growth strategies, training and research.  Learn more about CSS at

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  1. Dede Starnes says:

    Enjoyed this episode. Looking forward to additional topics that include social media and the customer experience. Great points offered around training and response. Keep them coming.

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