Love it or hate it, “The Tree of Life” is a film worth talking about.  And the Footcandle guys do just that for a good portion of this month’s show, examining their personal thoughts on the film as well as some of the larger issues it tackles.  Following the extended review the hosts discuss some current film news, and then wrap it up with their film recommendations.  Warning: Alan recommends a 3-hour Indian movie about a man who receives super powers from an alien puppet and likes to break into spontaneous song and dance.  Hosts:  Alan Jackson and Chris Frye.  Special thanks to Chris Tullar for the theme music.

“The Tree of Life” is now available for purchase or rental through iTunes!

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  1. Caitlin A. says:

    Interesting point on computer generated acting and the Academy Awards. Hadn't thought about that part of a movie much. National Lampoon Family Vacation is a very funny movie! Will have to check 'Krrish' out. Great episode!

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