The guys discuss the 2011 film “Win Win” starring Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan, talk about some recent film news of interest (Wes Anderson, Dragon Tattoos and Obstructions), and give their monthly recommendations of films you should check out.  Chris recommends a past Footcandle film, while Alan goes in the “way back” machine for his.  The first episode is out the door, and no one got hurt… Win Win!  Running time: 43 minutes.  Hosts: Alan Jackson and Chris Frye.  Special thanks to Chris Tullar for theme music.

“Win Win” is now available for rental or purchase through iTunes!

2 comments on “Footcandle Films 1: Win Win

  1. Brad Haas says:

    Great first show! Also. I really like this film.

  2. Caitlin A. says:

    After listening to this episode, I added 'Win Win' to my Netflix queue. Great show and am definitely a fan of Footcandle Films! 🙂

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