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Top 10 Things to Improve Your House Offer

The Home Pros discuss one of the more common issues that might be lurking in your house and the 10 Things You Need To Know to make your home offer attractive to sellers. Plus, can the type of paint you apply to your house help save you in your utility bills? Tommy and Shane discuss these topics along with the “Photo from the Field” and information from the “News Desk”!

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Indoor Spring Maintenance Checklist, Bats in the Belfry and Neighborhood Disputes!

We’re covering more of your Spring Maintenance Checklist this week! We discussed items you need to pay attention to on the outside of your house last week… this week, we move to the indoors and help you think of things you should do to prepare for the season. We also discuss a solution for BATS! Some listeners have discussed having “bats in their belfry” in previous episodes. This week, we share some solutions for getting rid of bats while also taking care of them and not hurting them. What’s the best way to handle a dispute with a neighbor? In the News Desk we share an option that you probably don’t want to try.

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Spec Homes vs. New Builds, Spring Maintenance Checklist, and Interesting Decoration Ideas!

Tommy and Shane talk about spec homes and how they compare to new builds, some Spring maintenances checklists, interesting houses and their decoration in the News Desk, and how much would you pay for a home if you weren’t going to live in it? And are you looking at buying a new house? Builders are doing some new things these days.

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Curb Appeal Solutions, Antiques in the News, and Comedian Jon Reep!

April… well, uh, March showers bring May flowers?  We’ll talk about it and help you get your house ready for the Spring.  There’s also updates from the News Desk and special guest comedian Jon Reep from the “Country-ish” podcast joins for home improvement stories and trivia!

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Talking about Stucco, News Updates, and St. Patrick’s Day Trivia!

We’re talking about stucco and eaves… do you know what eaves is? Do you know what stucco is? There are a lot of issues in real estate in relation to that infamous siding material… we’re going to help you determine if you might have some issues with your exterior stucco finish. Plus updates from the news desk, courtesy of Pro Carpet Repairs, and it’s St. Patrick’s Day so get ready for a special trivia challenge!

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Top Home Improvement Projects for 2021

Do you know the difference between a scab and a sister? These are two terms that get confused a lot… we’re going to help you understand the difference.

And what are the top home improvement projects for 2021? We count them down for you.

Plus, we received a lot of responses from home inspectors everywhere about last episode’s “Photo from the Field”

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