Footcandle Films 11: My Week With Marilyn

“My Week With Marilyn”, starring Michelle Williams and Kenneth Branagh, was nominated at this year’s Academy Awards for both Best Actress and Best Supporting Actor.  Did either of these two actors deserve to win, did the film deserve more accolades than it received, or was it overrated?  Alan and Chris discuss “My Week With Marilyn” as their main review in this episode of “Footcandle Films”.

After the main review, Chris and Alan discuss some of the latest movie news.  Topics in this episode include:  “Biopics: Love ‘Em or Hate ‘Em?”, “Found Footage: Love It or Hate It?”, and “Robert DeNiro: Love Him or Hate Him?”  (Maybe we need to have our MESH intern to start writing our show descriptions.)

Running time: 43 minutes

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