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I’m With the Band: Puddingstone

To help celebrate the holiday season, Chad spends some time with the band Puddingstone! Hailed as the “best kept secret in North Carolina”, this band plays a wide range of Americana such as fife and drum, Celtic, folk, New Age, Flamenco, Renaissance and even some classical. Puddingstone is a 6-7 member band including percussion, hammered dulcimer, harp and flutes, vocals, guitar, synthesizer and sometimes fiddle.

Chad interviews Dr. David Abernathy from Puddingstone, and listens to some select tracks from their recordings… including some Christmas music!

To learn more about Puddingstone, visit their web site at www.puddingstone.com.

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  1. Thanks, Chad and the rest of the production team of The Mesh for a great interview. We appreciate being featured on your podcast!

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