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Hosted ByChris Frye & Alan Jackson

Do you like listening to people talk about films?  What about those films that may not show up at the local multiplex but are instead showing at the smaller specialty theater across town?  Then "Footcandle Films" may be the show for you.

Do you like listening to people talk about films?  What about those films that may not show up at the local multiplex but are instead showing at the smaller specialty theater across town?  Then “Footcandle Films” may be the show for you.  Each month, the hosts discuss and review one “smaller” film in-depth, discuss upcoming film news, and give recommendations on films that you may not be aware of, ones that you haven’t remembered in a while, or ones that are worth your time checking out.  And all the while, the conversation never gets too “high-brow” or pretentious.  Just two guys who enjoy talking about movies.

Your Hosts: 

Alan Jackson is the co-founder of Footcandle Film Society and resides in Hickory, NC. He enjoys a wide variety of films – but mainly those of Martin Scorsese, his all time favorite Director. Despite liking smaller, independent films, Alan also likes films with giant monsters or where animals talk. Alan also thinks Citizen Kane deserves every bit of credit it ever gets.


Chris Frye, the other co-founder of Footcandle Film Society, is a fan of directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Terry Gilliam, and David Gordon Green. He lives in Newton, NC and has always been a movie buff. His favorite actors range from Steve Coogan to Christoph Waltz to Jeff Bridges. You may be surprised to know he has never seen Dirty Dancing or Pretty in Pink (gasp!)

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Footcandle Films: The Rise of Skywalker

The final installment of the Skywalker Star Wars saga has made it into theaters across the country. Alan and Chris sit down and discuss the film…first without spoilers…then with ample warning they delve into specifics. Join us for this special Star Wars edition of Footcandle Films.

Footcandle Films: Beautiful Knives Out Ferrari

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… hosts Alan & Chris might be heard humming this tune around town… not because of holiday parties and finding the perfect gifts on Amazon… but because of all the great movies hitting theater screens across the country. This episode features reviews of “Ford v Ferrari” starring Matt Damon & Christian Bale from director Rian Johnson, and “A Beautiful Day In the Neighborhood” featuring Tom Hanks as Mr. Rogers.

Footcandle Films: Lighthouse Marriage Story

In this episode, hosts Alan & Chris discuss “The Lighthouse” the latest film from Robert Eggers starring Willem Dafoe & Robert Pattinson and the possible Oscar contender “Marriage Story” starring Adam Driver and Scarlet Johansen.

Footcandle Films: Dolemite Luce

Comedian Eddie Murphy is back…and thankfully not as a talking donkey in another Shrek sequel. Alan & Chris share their thoughts on his latest “Dolemite Is My Name” as well as the discussion-worthy indie “Luce” starring Naomi Watts, Tim Roth, Octavia Spencer and a career-defining performance from Kelvin Harrison, Jr.

Footcandle Films: Ad Astra Joker

Ad Astra’s character study of an astronaut (Brad Pitt) with daddy issues or Joker’s character study of a troubled clown (Joaquin Phoenix) with daddy issues. Hosts Alan & Chris share their thoughts on both films and which one they found more compelling (and which one almost put one host to sleep).

A news segment focusing on the winners of the 2019 Footcandle Film Festival along with recommendations of films to watch rounds out the show.

Footcandle Films: Farewell It

Pennywise is back. This time he’s haunting the Losers Club as adults with Bill Heder, Jessica Chastain and James McAvoy joining the cast. How does “It Chapter Two” compare to its’ 2017 predecessor? Our hosts share their thoughts as well as discuss the indie film “The Farewell” starring comedian Awkwafina

Footcandle Films: Biggest Little Light

If Alan & Chris set out to discuss two more divergent films than they did in this episode it might not be possible. First up they discuss “The Biggest Little Farm” – a documentary that follows a couple who decide to switch careers and start a farm. The hosts then share their thoughts on Casey Affleck’s latest project “Light of My Life” about a father & his daughter trying to survive in a world where a plague has all but wiped out the female population.

Footcandle Films: Last Crawl in San Francisco

On this episode of the Footcandle Films podcast, hosts Alan and Chris review “The Last Black Man in San Francisco” and “Crawl”

Footcandle Films: Once Upon A Sword of Trust

Quentin Tarantino has released the penultimate film of his career. Alan & Chris share their thoughts on his “Once Upon a Time…In Hollywood” as well as the smaller indie comedy “Sword of Trust – Lynn Shelton” starring Marc Maron.

Footcandle Films: Spider-man Midsommar

Whether you like big budget blockbusters or indies this episode has reviews of both types of films. First up is talk on the latest Marvel superhero movie “Spider-Man: Far from Home”. Ari Aster’s sophomore film “Midsommar” occupies the second review slot followed by the hosts sharing bits of movie news and their recommendations on films you might want to watch.

Recommendations: “Eyes Wide Shut”, “Lady Macbeth”