Need some help?

Are you a little confused?  Lost about where you are supposed to go, or what you are supposed to do?  Just read our little primer below, and hopefully this will get you on the right track.

1.  Pick a show.

Take a look at any of the shows featured on our Home page, or listed in the top menu bar under “Shows”… see anything that looks interesting?  Click on one of the names to read more about the show, what it is about, who the hosts are, etc.  Don’t judge the show just by its title… we have some fun shows that may surprise you.

2.  Listen to an episode.

Once you have picked a show you are interested in, scroll down to the “Current Episode” and click the PLAY button on the big box that reads “Click to PLAY the current episode” (see image below).  This will play that episode, right here from within your web browser.  Sit back and enjoy the show.

3.  Listen to older episodes.

On the right-hand side of each show page, you will see the most recent episodes for that show listed in order from newest to oldest.  Click on any of those episodes to play that episode the same way you did the “current” one.  Feel free to dig back as far as you would like… you can listen to the “early days” of The MESH any time you want.

4.  Subscribe.

Do you use Apple iTunes?  If so, you can click the “Download on iTunes” button (see image to the right) on any of the show pages to open the show in your iTunes program.  From there, you can click the “Subscribe for Free” button (see image below) to tell iTunes you would like to have all new episodes of this show automatically downloaded to your computer.  This way, you don’t have to keep coming to the web site when a new episode comes out… you just fire up iTunes, go to your “Podcasts” tab, and see the episodes that have been downloaded automatically!

5.  What’s this RSS button?

OK… this gets a bit technical.  If you use any other program for subscribing to podcasts other than iTunes or know how to use an RSS feed, click this button.  Otherwise, you don’t need to worry about this one.  Trust us… if you don’t know what it means, don’t touch it!

6.  Give us some feedback.

Once you’ve listened to some shows and subscribed to the ones you really like, we’d like to hear what you think.  You can send us email at or you can click the “Post a Comment” link at the bottom of any episode to leave your thoughts.  Either way, we take your feedback seriously and plan to use it to help improve the network in the future.


We hope this helps!  If you need more assistance, feel free to write us at  Thanks for visiting, and we hope to see you back here soon.