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The podcast where a millennial daughter watches ABC's hit show The Bachelor and get this… so does her Dad. They discuss the show, its outcomes, and the highs and lows of being a c-list celebrity. All with a good dose of fatherly advice in each episode.

Everybody watches it, no one talks about it… but we do! This is “My Dad Watches the Bachelor”. Where one millennial daughter watches ABC’s hit show The Bachelor and get this… so does her Dad. They discuss the show, its outcomes, the highs and lows of being a c-list celebrity. All with a good dose of fatherly advice in each episode. Do you watch the show? Need a good laugh? Curious what this Dad thinks? Time to tune in.

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Meredith is 24 years old and has been a Bachelor fan for ten years, suffering through the downs of the Ari and Juan Pablo seasons to the New Hope of this season’s Pilot Pete Weber and his search for love.  Her favorite season was with Bachelorette Hannah Brown (of course), and Meredith dreams of hanging out with Hannah and Taylor Swift to compare notes on their respective boyfriends.  In addition to explaining The Bachelor to her father, Meredith is a recent college graduate, works for a Fortune 500 company, and is a big fan of SEC football.

The Dad is on the wrong side of 50, has been married for 28 years, and has recently learned about social media and streaming services such as NetFlix.  He spent the first seventeen years of Meredith’s life trying to convince her to attend his alma mater, before Meredith accepted a rose from a different college.  The Dad is now committed to making sure that Meredith finds love in a more traditional way than participating in a reality TV show and to providing reasonable, fatherly advice to anyone who thinks that finding love on a reality TV show is a good idea.  The Dad appreciates that The Mom keeps him company while he watches The Bachelor and that The Son wants nothing to do with it.

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The Right Way to Make a First Impression

Meredith and her dad are here to discuss all of the highs and lows of Clare’s first episode of the Bachelorette. We know there are always people on the show for the wrong reasons, but will anyone stand out for the right reasons? Also, listen in for Meredith’s first MVP of the season and some fashion advice from her dad!

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Ok, so who’s on the show?

Meredith and Dad are ready to dive into the men on Clare and Tayshia’s season! Listen in while they give their hot takes and decide who will be the season’s villain, top 4, and ultimate winner. Will Dad make better picks than Meredith? Only time will tell.

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Clare and Tayshia are the Bachelorettes!

My Dad Watches the Bachelor is back! Join hosts Meredith and Dad as they discuss the upcoming season of the Bachelorette and it’s two leads, Clare and Tayshia. Tune in to find out what Meredith thinks about each of these leads and why Dad has started comparing women to restaurants.

Who’s on the Bachelorette this season?

email to interact with Meredith and her Dad

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The Season 1 Finale

The final episode of season 1 of My Dad Watches The Bachelor is here! Join our hosts Meredith and Dad as they dive into the last episodes and the exciting season finale of ABC’s The Bachelor. Will there be a My Dad Watches The Bachelor(ette)? All this and a whole lot more on the season 1 finale of MDWTB!

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Dad is Hitting the Bourbon Early

This week Meredith and her Dad review the infamous “Girls Tell All” episode and try to make their voices heard over the contestants as they identify the few highlights and many lowlights of this week’s Bachelor episode. Can a commercial be considered a highlight? Does Madison turn Peter into quivering Jell-O qualify as a highlight? And the Dad clarifies who really is America’s favorite pilot in his fatherly advice segment, all on this week’s “My Dad Watches the Bachelor” episode.”

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I’m Uncomfortable Already

Oh boy, this is it. Meredith and Dad have the “funcomfortable” fantasy suite conversation. Also included, a slew of episode Highs / Lows, contestants right reasons / wrong reasons and an MVP award that only Meredith could give. Also, Dad shares why he’s miffed with host Chris Harrison and gives fatherly advice from Aunt Helen.

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All Aboard the Drama Train

In this episode of MDWTB, it’s the episode which all dad‘s dread… Pilot Pete makes hometown visits to meet his potential wife‘s families, and the Dad has some issues and advice for how Fathers should handle it…a strong drink is recommended. Also included, Meredith has some strong feelings about Victoria F and why her rides on the drama train made it harder for the normal girls out there. Embarrassment and awkwardness are on the menu for this episode of My Dad Watches The Bachelor!

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The Apple Doesn’t Fall…

My Dad Watches The Bachelor is back! Join hosts Meredith and Dad as they discuss their highlights and lowlights from this week’s episode, which contestants are in it for the right and wrong reasons, their weekly MVP’s and of course some fatherly advice on dating from Dad.

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Gunfight at the M&T Corral

Two episodes of ABC’s The Bachelor this week means.. two MDWTB podcasts in one week! Join Meredith and Dad for highlights including Pilot Pete’s grasp of the Spanish language in the Bachelor Telenovela and lowlights which include what Dad has coined “Gunfight at the McKenna and Tammy Corral”. Also included who’s still in it for the wrong reasons, Bachelorette picks, Meredith’s MVP’s and of course fatherly advice from Dad.

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The Pilot Pete Apology Tour

Meredith and Dad are back to discuss the first of two episodes of this week’s ABC’s The Bachelor. Dad is thrilled about the two-episode week (and 3 hour night one)! Our hosts give us their thoughts on the highlights and lowlights of this week’s first episode. Meredith reveals her MVP and Dad comes through with some fatherly advice.

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