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Stepping Up Service 1: Getting Started!

Alan Jackson (The Jackson Group, The MESH) and Ed Gagnon (Customer Service Solutions) sit down to record the first episode of their new series, "Stepping Up Service". This...


I’m With the Band: Burning Bright

Chad interviews the Statesville, North Carolina based rock band Burning Bright.  The band talks about their musical influences, aspirations, writing style, and answer some of Chad's more off-the-wall questions.  The...


Footcandle Films 2: Everything Must Go

The Footcandlers discuss the latest Will Farrell film "Everything Must Go", which puts Mr. Farrell in a not-so-funny spot. The latest film news — the blockbuster, mainstream, franchise,...


Leadership GPS 1: Getting Started

Alan and Tony Jackson start the show off, on its first episode, with a little personal background, thoughts on how leadership has evolved over the years, and their hopes...


I’m With the Band: Run With Fear

Chad interviews the Hickory, North Carolina based rock band RunWithFear. The band discusses how they came together, some of the challenges of landing gigs, stage accidents, and their...


Footcandle Films 1: Win Win

The guys discuss the 2011 film "Win Win" starring Paul Giamatti and Amy Ryan, talk about some recent film news of interest (Wes Anderson, Dragon Tattoos and Obstructions), and...