Making Living Better

Making. Living. Better: Jessica Lopez

When Jessica Lopez followed her faith to Puerto Rico after finishing high school, a two-month personal mission turned into a four-year cultural immersion. Inspired by the diversity and exuberance of the Puerto Rican people, she came back to Catawba

County and immediately began sharing what she’d learned. From helping local Spanish-speaking students bridge the academic and cultural gap to encouraging fellow parishioners to express their faith through interpretive dance, Jessica discusses her fascinating journey with host Hal Row on this episode of Making. Living. Better.

Making. Living. Better: Austin Pearce

Known as the energetic and resourceful director of the Hickory Soup Kitchen, Austin shares some lesser known parts of his story. Learn about what fuels Austin’s passion for Catawba County and the people he’s met along the way on this episode of Making. Living. Better.

Making. Living. Better: Jay Brown

s both a business owner and realtor, Jay makes living better for people every day.

Making Living Better: Jennifer Rowan

How strong is Catawba County’s draw? Just ask Jennifer Rowan and her husband, who fell in love with the Town of Maiden and bought a house there on their first day visiting from southern California.

Making Living Better: Patrick Broos

Listen in as host Hal Row learns about the many things – mountain biking with his boys, walking his dogs, his famous college-campus barista wife – that make Catawba County feel like the best reward of all for journeyman Patrick Broos.

Making Living Better: Anna Price

Guest Anna Price talks about her deep roots in Catawba County.

Making Living Better: Justus Rowe

Guest Justus Rowe discusses creating a homestead lifestyle.

Making Living Better: Asia “Mae” Magness

Not every woman gets confused with her grandma, but 31-year-old Asia “Mae” Magness does. Owner of Mae’s Bakery in downtown Maiden, she has reimagined recipes from her two grandmothers so well that people think her Mamaw made them. This mother of three has earned a loyal following thanks to a supportive family, a heart for people, and the best ooey gooeys in town. Listen in as Hal talks pound cake and pumpkin spice with Catawba County native Asia “Mae” Magness.

Making Living Better: Ariel Allensworth

As a rocket systems specialist at Fort Bragg, Ariel Allensworth wasn’t quite sure how a job like that would transition into a real-world career. After attending the first annual “Welcome Home Hickory Metro” veteran recruitment event in Catawba County, he found a great job and a community of people who instantly made him and his wife feel right at home – and got him addicted to disc golf. Listen in as Hal Row talks rocket launchers, South Africa and choosing Hickory with this month’s Featured Catawban, Ariel Allensworth.

Making Living Better: Angela Pisel

From the time she was in junior high, Angela Pisel knew she loved writing. After getting a few articles published, she started kicking around an idea for a novel – but it took a broken ankle for her to finally sit down and take a crack at it. Listen in as host Hal Row unravels the story of how this mom of four took her inspiration from women on death row to write her first book and establish herself as a nationally-published author.