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Bleeding Blue: March 23, 2012, The Oh-So-Sweet Sixteen

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The Heels have made it to the Sweet Sixteen…and how sweet it is!. Find out what your hosts, Wes and Tarheel Danny were the most surprised by as well as what they felt were the biggest disappointments. Plus the guys take a second look at their Final Four brackets...and maybe…just maybe need to tweat ‘em a bit. Closing out this episode Wes & Danny discuss the Heels’ chances without Kendall Marshall as they face Ohio. GO HEELS! Read More »

Bleeding Blue: NCAA Tourney Special

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The boys are back after a heart breaking loss in the ACC finals, but with big hopes for the NCAA tourney. Find out what your hosts, Wes and Tarheel Danny, predict for each division and the final four. Does NC State deserve a bid? How far will Florida State make it on their ACC high? Why did BYU get put in that bracket? Bleeding Blue also touches on some other notable Tarheel sports … the good news and the bad. You don’t want to miss this special episode of Bleeding Blue as they talk about their favorite time of year. Get your brackets ready… its NCAA tournament time! Let’s go Heels! Read More »

Bleeding Blue: February 10, 2012

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The Battle of the Blues! Coming to you just days after one of the most famous battles in college basketball, your hosts Wes and Tarheel Danny have had just enough time to take in the loss against Duke and analyze the game before bringing you the latest episode of Bleeding Blue. Join us as we talk about the details of the game along with what’s in store for the Tarheels in the weeks to come. Even when the losses come we’re still Bleeding Blue. As always… go Heels! Running time: 30 minutes Read More »

Bleeding Blue: January 27, 2012

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Its Bleeding Blue once again with Wes in the studio and birthday boy, Tarheel Danny, coming to us via Skype! The guys are in good spirits this week after the 'Heels make a nice showing on the court. They discuss the key players one by one and look to the future of upcoming games. Tarheel Danny is going to be up close and personal in the Dean Dome soon, so he'll be back to give us the scoop on Roy and the boys. Be sure to listen close for the announcement of a special guest coming in a couple weeks! Get your game face on fans... its shaping up to be a good season! As always, Go Heels! Running time: 21 minutes Read More »

Bleeding Blue: January 20, 2012

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Wes welcomes special guest and UNC graduate John Mims on the show this week to fill in for Tarheel Danny. Join Wes and John as they discuss the moment they knew they were Tarheel fans, special moments in Tarheel history and as always, listen as they analyze the past week’s games. Additionally, your hosts take a moment to talk about the UNC logos and how they’ve changed over the years and answer the all-important question of who’s worse, Duke basketball fans or NC State football fans? Tune in to this week’s episode of Bleeding Blue to find out the answer and much more. Go Heels! Running time: 39 minutes Read More »

Bleeding Blue: January 12, 2012

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Its a new way of doing things here at Bleeding Blue... Tarheel Danny is on the road and making a phone appearance! Listen to the guys wrap up football, predict some basketball and analyze the players. Bleeding Blue will be coming to you weekly now, so be sure to keep the comments and suggestions coming... maybe they'll invite you on an episode! As always -- GO HEELS! Running time: 30 minutes. Hosts: Wes Baker and "Tarheel" Danny. Read More »

Bleeding Blue 7: December 15, 2011

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These Tarheel fans are stoked about a new coach! Hear what they have to say about him and his staff on this latest episode. Of course, there's some basketball talk... even featuring some "blasts from the past". Tune in now to Bleeding Blue and help these boys cheer on the 'Heels! Running time: 22 minutes. Hosts: Wes Baker and "Tarheel" Danny. Read More »

Bleeding Blue 6: November 22, 2011

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Wes and Tarheel Danny are back in the studio for the latest edition of Bleeding Blue. Moving on from football they look ahead at the coaching staff for next year and the excitement around basketball season. In this "no-stats episode" the guys go off the cuff, say what they really think, and have a few laughs... Tune in now for some true Tarheel talk by Tarheel fans. Read More »