Big Fan: School’s Out for Summer!

School’s Out For Summer!  At least in a few weeks it is. Go down memory lane with our hosts as they talk about their favorite last day, dances from middle school, and how skateboarding from school took Chad 12 hours.

Big Fan: Mother’s Day

Chad and Hank really love their mom’s, so you don’t want to miss this sentimental episode that celebrates Mother’s Day.

Big Fan: Spring Has Sprung!

With spring comes flowers, pollen, and new adventures for our dynamic duo.

Big Fan: Masters Edition

Go “behind the ropes” with Chad and Hank as they discuss what makes Augusta, Georgia in April so special

BIG FAN: 40 Inches of Rain

40 inches of rain in 6 months have the Big Fan crew feeling a little down. They use this episode to help boost their morale discussing sexual tension at the Oscars, an interesting wife swap dilemma, and Chad of course gets to dance at another local charity event.

BIG FAN: Super Bowl LIII Edition

It is finally here! The Super Bowl edition of your favorite podcast, BIG FAN!!

BIG FAN: 2019 kickoff

2019 brings New Years resolutions and brand new, BIG FAN episodes. Check out the boys New Year’s Eve escapades, problems with fad diets and a new moral conundrum is discussed until one of our host cries. Don’t miss this one!!

BIG FAN: Bah Humbug!

With Christmas right around the corner, Chad and Hank have decided that there are a couple of things that they don’t love about the season. Listen as they discuss holidays foods that make them sick, customs that they could live without, and how long is too long to leave up your decorations.