The Big Fan crew answers a couple of questions after a 2-week hiatus from the studio. How crazy can a 40-year-old bachelor party be? Why did Chad see Godzilla without Hank? And what are your 5 favorite roller coasters of all time? You don’t want to miss this Big Fan!

BIG FAN: After Vacation

Vacations are over, and reality is setting in for our dynamic duo. What will they do now, to get through these dog days of summer? Why, post a new BIG FAN episode for your listening pleasure, of course! Hank coaches his all-star baseball team to the state playoffs, Chad gets wiped out by a 10-foot wave and the Top 50 Tom Hanks movies. What’s not to love about the after vacation episode of BIG FAN?!

BIG FAN: Summer’s Too Short

The Grand Canyon, Independence Day, and (yes again) Shark Attacks. All three find their place in the Big Fan this week. Hank wows you with the vacation that he barely knew he was going on. Chad will talk about how he packs less than the Geico Lizard when heading to the beach. This abbreviated episode is a Must Listen!!

BIG FAN: Father’s Day

Another Father’s Day in the books and our dynamic duo explain to their BIG FAN audience why they won’t be hoisting the father of the year trophy this year.

BIG FAN: Start of Summer Spectacular

What other podcast discusses Forrest Gump trivia, shark attacks on the coast of North Carolina, and “cheese” underrated or overrated? Big fan, that’s who!  See what Chad and Hank are talking about on this summer spectacular session.

Big Fan: School’s Out for Summer!

School’s Out For Summer!  At least in a few weeks it is. Go down memory lane with our hosts as they talk about their favorite last day, dances from middle school, and how skateboarding from school took Chad 12 hours.

Big Fan: Mother’s Day

Chad and Hank really love their mom’s, so you don’t want to miss this sentimental episode that celebrates Mother’s Day.

Big Fan: Spring Has Sprung!

With spring comes flowers, pollen, and new adventures for our dynamic duo.

Big Fan: Masters Edition

Go “behind the ropes” with Chad and Hank as they discuss what makes Augusta, Georgia in April so special