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Be Holistic

Be Holistic! Episode 5: Food for Thought

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Suzanne takes the wheel this episode as she turns to Michelle for advice on her specialty… food. This episode of Be Holistic! offers up some answers to the most common food myths out there. Eating after 8pm? Super-foods? What about carbs? So many myths – so little time. These ladies get down to the nitty-gritty and tackle some of the questions you may be scared to ask! Open your ears and your mind… and Be Holistic! Read More »

Be Holistic! Episode 4: Talking Dirty About Cleaning

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Tea tree oil, baking soda, vinegar, oh my! This episode of Be Holistic! gets a little racy as the ladies talk dirty, about cleaning supplies, that is. With just a few ingredients in hand, Suzanne and Michelle discuss all things “green” in cleaning – they’ll even help you make your own. Are you a “lazy, well groomed hippie” or just curious about never having to call poison control for your kids. With the good, bad, and the ugly of household products out there, let these ladies talk dirty to you for a little while and guide you to better cleaning – holistically! Read More »

Be Holistic! #2: Thinking Holistically

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Show host Suzanne tackles the issue of “thinking holistically” in this month's episode. A challenge that may be easier than you imagine, thinking holistically doesn’t require a lot of effort and is designed to be a personal experience, individual to each who take ownership of the task. Join Suzanne as she welcomes Dr. Gordon Cappelletty, assistant professor of psychology at Lenoir-Rhyne University, as the pair discuss what thinking holistically entails and how you can begin the process of wrapping your brain around the sometimes-confusing world of holism. Running time: 37 minutes Read More »

Be Holistic 1: Meet Suzanne and Michelle

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In the premier episode of "Be Holistic!", co-hosts Suzanne and Michelle talk about what exactly the term "holistic" means - and what it doesn't mean - while discussing the way modern living can integrate into the more simplistic, holistic way of life, both physically and spiritually. From homemade fruit roll ups for the kids to finding religion for the adults, your hosts get down and dirty with what it means to live a holistic lifestyle in today's world. Find out what happens when Michelle gives her children blue dye, who's going "berzerkers,"; and what's in store for when people just like you talk about living their lives, holistically speaking. Running time: 28 minutes This episode is brought to you by the Wepner Wellness Center, offering a Wide Array of Healing Arts including yoga, meditation, massage, and more! They are conveniently located in the center of the Newton, Conover, and Hickory area of Catawba County. This beautiful area is nestled in the foothills of North Carolina between the mountain city of Asheville and metropolitan Charlotte. They are located less than five minutes off of Interstate 40. Visit their web site at www.wepnerwellnesscenter.com. Read More »