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Footcandle Films

Footcandle Films 10: Oscar Picks!

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While the last episode was all about Chris & Alan's favorite films of 2011, this episode asks them to gaze into their crystal ball and make predictions on this year's Academy Awards. With Chris in his designer tuxedo and Alan in his favorite jeans, the boys go through each of the Oscar categories, talk through the nominees, and make their choice on who they think will walk away with a little golden statue in late February. It's Oscar prediction time! Will Chris swear off all movies forever if "Moneyball" sweeps the awards? Does Alan have his fingers crossed that "Real Steel" creeps into the Best Picture field through some clerical error? And how do you choose a winner from a list of animated short films when you haven't seen any of them? It's all in the name, of course. All this, and more, on Footcandle Films. Running time: 47 minutes Read More »

Footcandle Films 9: The Best of 2011

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Chris and Alan had a novel idea... what if they took a look at all of the films they saw in 2011, and then presented their "top five" films of the year? We don't think that has ever been done before! Original or not, the guys present their favorite "Footcandle" films of the year, their favorite "Non-Footcandle" films of the year, and even throw out a couple of their "Least Favorite" (i.e., worst) films of the year. It's a show all about lists and closing out 2011 with a bang on Footcandle Films. Running time: 75 minutes Read More »

Footcandle Films 8: The Guard

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After some downbeat movies over the last few months, it's time for some laughs. But does "The Guard", starring Brendon Gleeson and Don Cheadle, deliver? Gleeson stars as unconventional Irish police officer Gerry Boyle, quite content with his life and pace of work, while Cheadle plays a straight-laced FBI agent assigned to a drug-smuggling case in Boyle's small town. Sound like the setup for a standard "buddy cop" film, right? Listen to see what Alan and Chris think of this month's film. Plus, in this episode the boys pick through of couple of recent movie-related news items - with a focus on science-fiction as a way of congratulating Chris for his upcoming nuptials. "Footcandle Films" is looking to double your film fix by moving to posting episodes twice a month, so be on the lookout for our next episode in two weeks when we discuss the Best Films of 2011 (as well as some of the worst!). Running time: 38 minutes Read More »

Footcandle Films 7: Take Shelter

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Alan and Chris review the film "Take Shelter", starring Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain. Shannon plays a father and husband haunted by visions of a devastating storm that threatens his family, compeling him to build a storm shelter and question his own sanity. Imagine a really frightening, depressing version of "Field of Dreams". Listen to what the Footcandle guys have to say about "Take Shelter" in this month's episode. After the main review, Alan and Chris discuss some upcoming movie news and give their film picks of the month. Did Chris just say he was not a big fan of Spielberg films? What movie did Alan deem the "Worst Film of 2008"? Can Chris pull off a proper English accent? (Answer: No) All of this and more in this month's "Footcandle Films"! Running time: 55 minutes. Hosts: Chris Frye and Alan Jackson. Original theme music by Chris Tullar (whose was recently interviewed on "I'm With the Band", found at this link!) Read More »

Footcandle Films 6: Project Nim

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"Project Nim" is a documentary about a group of researchers in the 1970s that decided to raise a baby chimpanzee in a human environment and try to teach it how to communicate. The project didn't go as planned, thus giving show hosts Alan and Chris a film to discuss on this month's "Footcandle Films". Listen to see what they thought of the follow-up to director James Marsh's excellent documentary "Man on Wire". Chris and Alan also discuss some of the latest film news, including stories about Steven Soderburgh, the Oscars, and film society favorite Rian Johnson. Then, they provide their "Picks of the Month", with neither film turning out to be very happy or uplifting. We're sorry about that. Running Time: 51 minutes. Hosts: Alan Jackson and Chris Frye. Original theme music by Chris Tullar (whose was recently interviewed on "I'm With the Band", found at this link!) Read More »

Footcandle Films 5: Sarah’s Key

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In this month's episode, the Footcandle guys discuss the film adapation of the novel "Sarah's Key", dealing with the persecution of Jewish people in France during World War II. (To all of our book club member listeners out there, we'll go ahead and break the bad news to you: they didn't care for it very much.) Besides that review, Alan and Chris also discuss some movie news and give their "picks of the month" recommendations — one dealing with time travel on a budget, the other dealing with chaining people to radiators. Enjoy! Read More »

Footcandle Films 4: Midnight in Paris

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Alan and Chris get together to discuss their latest film society screening, Woody Allen's "Midnight in Paris". After an in-depth discussion of that film, they turn their attention to some of the latest movie news with the theme being "directors taking on unexpected projects". Each gives their "pick of the month" for a film that listeners should check out; Chris goes the documentary route, while Alan sings a little Irish ditty about his pick. Oh, and they through a little challenge out to their friends at "Chick Chat". Running Time: 52 minutes. Hosts: Alan Jackson and Chris Frye. Original theme music by Chris Tullar. Read More »

Footcandle Films 3: The Tree of Life

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Love it or hate it, "The Tree of Life" is a film worth talking about. And the Footcandle guys do just that for a good portion of this month's show, examining their personal thoughts on the film as well as some of the larger issues it tackles. Following the extended review the hosts discuss some current film news, and then wrap it up with their film recommendations. Warning: Alan recommends a 3-hour Indian movie about a man who receives super powers from an alien puppet and likes to break into spontaneous song and dance. Hosts: Alan Jackson and Chris Frye. Special thanks to Chris Tullar for the theme music. Read More »

Footcandle Films 2: Everything Must Go

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The Footcandlers discuss the latest Will Farrell film "Everything Must Go", which puts Mr. Farrell in a not-so-funny spot. The latest film news — the blockbuster, mainstream, franchise, geek movie edition — and two recommendations about as different as you can possibly imagine. One's about a Russian orchestra fighting for the recognition they deserve, the other is about a rubber tire that can kill people with its mind. See which recommendation tickles your fancy when you listen to the latest episode of Footcandle Films. Running time: 37 minutes. Hosts: Alan Jackson and Chris Frye. Special thanks to Chris Tullar for theme music. Read More »