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Stepping Up Service 4: Social Media Customer Service

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This month's episode discusses the importance of Social Media in the Customer Service experience. Show hosts Alan Jackson (The Jackson Group, www.thejacksongroup.com) and Ed Gagnon (Customer Service Solutions, www.cssamerica.com) explain why organizations are looking at using Social Media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to enhance or supplement their existing customer service processes. Along the way, they also discuss some of the challenges and potential pitfalls to watch out for when going this route. Running time: 56 minutes The Jackson Group is a management consulting firm specializing in customer and employee satisfaction surveys as well as leadership development. Learn more about them at www.thejacksongroup.com. Customer Service Solutions is a consulting firm specializing in customer retention and growth strategies, training and research. Learn more about CSS at www.cssamerica.com. Read More »

Stepping Up Service 3: Customer Service in Professional Sports

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This month's episode of "Stepping Up Service" discusses the importance of customer service in - of all places - the world of professional sports. Ed Gagnon (Customer Service Solutions) talks with Alan Jackson (The Jackson Group) about how organizations like the NFL, NBA, and other pro sports leagues have their own special challenges when it comes to customer service and how we can all gain valuable lessons from their experiences. And, as always, Ed and Alan share some recent customer services experiences of their own. Read More »

CAHPS Cast #2: CAHPS Do’s and Don’ts

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In this month's episode, Alan Jackson and Janette Jones of The Jackson Group discuss some of the "Do's and Don'ts" when conducting CAHPS surveys in your healthcare organization. These are things you need to keep in mind when administering the surveys, as well as things you should avoid to stay compliant in the process. Also, Janette starts a monthly series of discussing one of the CAHPS survey domains; this month's topic is "Nurse Communications" and ways to help improve those scores. Read More »

Leadership GPS 3: Leadership and the Written Word

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Whether it be a letter or an e-mail, leaders have to be effective in their written communications just as in any other forms of communication. But how important is the written word in the leadership realm, and what should those leaders not as effective in writing do to improve? Alan and Tony Jackson discuss written communications in this month's episode of Leadership GPS. Read More »

Stepping Up Service 2: Who Needs Customer Service?

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Alan Jackson (The Jackson Group, The MESH) and Ed Gagnon (Customer Service Solutions) discuss the need for customer service in today's business world and the three groups most impacted by good customer service and why. Alan and Ed also share their "Customer Service Example of the Month", with Ed providing a "good" example and Alan bringing up the "bad" one that turns into more of a rant. Read More »

CAHPS Cast #1: CAHPS Primer

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To start off this new show on The MESH, co-hosts Alan Jackson and Janette Jones with The Jackson Group explain what the CAHPS process is and how healthcare organizations are responding to this national patient experience survey. This episode serves as a good "primer" on the CAHPS process, discussing the history, basics of, and general reactions to the CMS regulated survey. Read More »

Leadership GPS 2: The Abnormal Side of Leadership

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Alan and Tony welcome you back to the second episode of "Leadership GPS"! This month, the Jackson boys talk about how, despite the fact that anyone can do leader-like things, to become a good leader some people have to learn and do things that are very unnatural for them. Case in point: public speaking, presentations, and being the public face for an organization. Alan and Tony discuss the challenges a natural introvert can face when acting as a leader and provide examples of well-known leaders that have risen to the challenge (as well as some that are still struggling). Read More »

Stepping Up Service 1: Getting Started!

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Alan Jackson (The Jackson Group, The MESH) and Ed Gagnon (Customer Service Solutions) sit down to record the first episode of their new series, "Stepping Up Service". This first episodes talks about Ed's background in customer service, what inspired him to help businesses in this area, and what "customer service" should truly mean to any organization. Plus, Alan and Ed both share some recent customer service stories — one positive and one negative. Read More »

Leadership GPS 1: Getting Started

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Alan and Tony Jackson start the show off, on its first episode, with a little personal background, thoughts on how leadership has evolved over the years, and their hopes for future episodes. Read More »