MESH Master

Be Holistic 6: Shaking up Chakras

Suzanne and Michelle begin their journey to inner peace with a better understanding of the seven chakras. This month’s episode features certified yoga instructor Laurie Stevenson Urland from Heart Center Yoga and Yoga with an Edge in Hickory, NC. She explains the different areas of one’s center, or meridian points, and how to start a personal journey toward being grounded.

Some helpful links regarding chakras:

* (A really cool chakra test)

* (An introduction to Chakra and other goodies)



Footcandle Spotlight: Ted

It’s time for a quick fix of Footcandle!  Listen to this quick review of the latest foul-mouthed teddybear-come-to-life comedy “Ted” starring Mark Wahlberg and written/directed by Seth MacFarlane.

Storytime Station: What Bluebirds Do

On this episode of Storytime Station, Kristin Dzimitrowicz, a member of the North Carolina Bluebird Society, visits The MESH studios to read a book entitled “What Do Bluebirds Do”.  The book is written by Pamela F. Kirby.

Footcandle Films: The Amazing Spiderman & Bully

Another superhero-sized blockbuster has hit the screens this summer – the reboot of the Spiderman franchise.  Are the fellows caught up in the web of excitement?  The indie documentary, Bully, is also discussed.  Back by popular demand are the News & Recommendation portions of the show making this episode clock in at over an hour of movie geek goodness.

Running Time:  68 minutes 

CAHPS Cast 10: Updates & Value-Based Purchasing Impact

The CAHPS Cast team discusses some recent updates in the CAHPS world, affecting both the Hospital and Home Health CAHPS processes as of June 2012.  Then, the attention shifts to Value-Based Purchasing and how the Hospital-CAHPS process factors into reimbursement.  This is logistics episode of CAHPS Cast, helping you understand some of the latest developments in the national patient satisfaction standardized process and how it could ultimately affect your organization.

CAHPS Cast is hosted by Alan Jackson, Janette Jones, and Valerie Sipe, all with The Jackson Group (

Running time: 43 minutes

Quick Trips 7: Kid Chores

The word “chores” may strike fear in to the heart of any kid – but no worries parents!  Carol Anne and Mary-Margaret of The Parent Trip, have a “Quick Trip” for you to help ease your child into the proper chores for his or her age.  Show them chores are more than busy work – they are actually fundamental in emotional growth.  Who knew, right? 

Running Time: 14 minutes

Stepping Up Service: Great Service Excellence Examples from Small Businesses

Small businesses have the same need for delivering excellent customer service as the big ones… but they often feel they have limited resources, time and money to work with.  To help owners, managers and employees understand how they can achieve service excellence in a small business environment, Ed Gagnon ( shares three examples of small businesses that are providing great service through some innovative ways… and one example of a company that got it all wrong.  Join show host Alan Jackson ( and his expert co-host Ed as they share their “Great Service Excellence Examples from Small Businesses”!