On this episode of Leadership GPS, join your favorite father-son team as Alan and Tony Jackson discuss the dark side of leadership. Is the dark side always a bad side? Does the light side always prevail? Find out just what the Jackson combo is talking about when this duo discusses different styles of leadership, models of leadership and general concepts for those in leadership positions or those who may find themselves leading others.

 Running time: 47 minutes

Tony Jackson is a leadership development consultant and coach, helping organizations turn some of their strongest people into future leaders. For more information about Tony Jackson and his leadership development programs, visit DriveLeadership at www.driveleadership.com.

One comment on “Leadership GPS 6: The Dark Side of Leadership

  1. Caitlin A. says:

    Great episode! I never realized that someone's good characteristics can also be their bad side. Now I know. Interesting topic!

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